Big Daddy and Little Sister from Bioshock

Total Hours

80+ hours

Mentionable materials

Paper mache, PVC pipe, Cardboard


  • First place in the 2010 Prairie Meadows Halloween Costume Contest
  • First place in Aphelion’s Halloween Costume Contest
Photo credit to: Bryan Humphrey

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One of the first big costumes Shade has created.  The amount of time put into both the Big Daddy and Little Sister costumes and props was well over 80 hours.  The Big Daddy was made from paper mache mostly. Things like cardboard, a plastic punch bowl, insulation board foam, pvc pipe and other plumbing pieces were also used.  The helmet was able to light up with battery operated christmas lights and the drill arm spun with use of a handheld drill. The Little Sister’s dress was made from a bottomweight material and white cotton which was distressed and splattered with “blood and dirt”,  both being paint with various amounts of mixing to get the colors just right. The Adam Syringe prop was made from a period correct gas pump handle (correct to the video game), pvc pipe and sharpened dowel rod. A glass bottle was fixed to the back with a baby bottle nipple added to its cap.  Shade was able to put a drink in the back (she used Trueblood pop. Remember that stuff?!?!) and actually drink from it. 

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