Marie Antoinette replica and Courtly Gentleman

Total Hours


Mentionable materials

Variety of satin taffetas and lace trims


Honorable Mention in the 2011 Iowa State Fair in the costume division of Fabric and Threads for the replica Marie Antoinette dress, corset, and pannier



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After winning first place at Prairie Meadows with the Big Daddy costume Shade wanted to challenge herself again.  Living in Iowa it was an easy choice to enter into the Iowa State Fair. But, the question was what to make? Shade had always been a fan of big  fancy dresses and old fashioned balls so, why not recreate a period piece that was just that? Shade used several different patterns in combination to create the look she was going for.  This costume had a complete corset and pannier with it. Both items were made out of a white rodeo bottomweight fabric with steel boning, straight extra thick for the corset, and circular for the pannier.  The dress was made from a blue satin and a blue flocked satin with lace and pearled trims added. After it was used in the fair, Shade wanted an opportunity to wear the dress. So she made a courtly gentleman for her husband to wear so the two of them could do so for Halloween; becoming 18th century court zombies with the addition of paper mache masks they made.