Poison Ivy from DC Comics

Total Hours

19 hours 5 min

Mentionable materials

Silk leaves, copious amounts of glue, various fabrics

Photo Credit

Jerry Ranch


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Poison Ivy is one of Shade’s favorite comic book characters.  This costume started as a Halloween costume in 2012 and is still being used by Shade as one of her favorite personal cosplays.  The leaf body suit was made from a corset base with knit panties sewn to it, both of which Shade made.  The corset was of a green rodeo bottomweight material and solid steel thick boning.  Little known fact about the corset, Shade thought it was funny to line it with Batman printed cotton, so one might say her ivy has a thing for the B-man.  Then with a lot of patience, the silk ivy leaves were glued one by one onto the body suit in layers.  The cloak was made from crushed panne and an anti static lining which later was fabric spray painted towards the bottom with red to make it have more depth.  The arm warmers were made from a green mesh material and leaf buttons.  Shade’s Poison Ivy is a mesh of comic book and Uma Thurman’s character.  To take her favorite element from the Uma version Shade made her leaf brows from crayola model magic clay, painted them and then when worn are spirit gummed in place.  A couple years later these brows had seen better days and were replaced by a more sturdy pair made from worbla and worn in the same manner.  Since this is a popular cosplay for Shade it is always improving.  Shade plans to remake her gloves into a better design as well as make green boot covers to look like the Animated Series Poison Ivy’s boots.